Teaching What Can't Be Taught

Teaching What Can't Be Taught

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The current educational culture of standards, accountability, and creeping educational capitalism finds teachers increasingly teaching laundry lists of facts and skills. Less attention is being paid to the 'big picture' or worldview. Author David Rigoni offers an alternative perspective. Using a shaman metaphor, he examines how the most important learning in a professional program takes place between the lines of the formal curriculum. He argues that this worldview change ought to be intentional and that all aspects of the educational process ought to work to that end. To clarify what is needed, the book then looks to educators from throughout history who worked with their students with a total focus on changing their worldviews. These educators, of course, are the shamans.The important thing here is that the dental assistant was totally unaware of the nature and source of her reactions; she ... there were right and wrong answers, but in English when a€œyou, like, discuss a poem, it means, like, whatever you think itanbsp;...

Title:Teaching What Can't Be Taught
Author:David Rigoni
Publisher:R&L Education - 2002-08-27


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