Teach Yourself Autodesk Combustion

Teach Yourself Autodesk Combustion

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Cromosys Publication's Teach Yourself Autodesk Combustion book is an optimal quality guide to the beginners and advanced learners of Combustion. We are the leading eBook publisher of languages and technology. Our research and education center working for last fifteen years has made tremendous efforts to simplify the learning of Combustion, and so we assure you that this book will walk you through in the simplest way in your entire course of learning, and will make you a master of it in just one month of time. The Academy Award winning Combustion software is the world's most powerfully integrated application for compositing and creating motion graphics as well as visual effects, and with the help of this all-inclusive book, you can do all skill level works what the professional graphic designers, animators, and visual artists do. In Combustion, whether the old version Combustion 4 or the newest Combustion 2008, you can do all kinds of editing with videos as you do with still images in Photoshop. This manual empowers you to get started by creating simple composites, using operators in composite, changing the speed of an action in a clip, and editing clips and adding transition effects. It also gets you acquainted with a vast array of Paint features by showing practical examples with the pictures of every move and final results in form of videos. You will also learn about some basic compositing, such as animating using keyframes, controlling layers and changing properties, and using channels, mattes, masks, null objects, lights, and camera. Tracking and stabilizing, keying and color correcting, and nesting composites are also explained in this book. It also covers warping and morphing techniques, creating particle effects, expressions, and capsules, and how to build G-Buffers. So if you are interested in editing movies, games, earning a way to Hollywood, or impressing your loved one, Combustion can serve all your purposes, as it does all the works of this kind. The lessons conceived and prepared by us will let you start learning from real basic making your move amazing, astonishing, and exhilarating for you. It's cool, simple, and sublime!Niranjan Jha, the author of this and thirty other eBooks published online, is the founder of Cromosys Corporation. His dedication in technological and linguistic research is significantly known to millions of people around the world. This book is the creation of his avowed determination to make the learning of Combustion easy to the people. After you install the application on your system, you just have to follow the instructions of this book doing the same on your computer, and you will see that you are quickly learning everything. Just an hour of practice per day, and in a month of time you'll get a lot of knowledge, tips and tricks to work with this software. This is an unmatchable unique book of its kind that guarantees your success. The lessons are magnificently powerful to bring you into the arena of visual effects. It is the need of time, and that's why many people have been sharpening their knowledge to be good in it. You create still-images of your choice in the software like CorelDraw, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and 3D design animated videos in 3ds Max, Maya, and Shockwave. But when you wish to add visual effects to the videos, then you need Combustion. What Combustion does, no other software can do. With the advanced features of Autodesk Combustion 2008, such as workflow enhancements, grids, guides and ruler, B-Splines, point grouping, timewarping, keying using the Diamond keyer and several others, you can create the real-looking amazing and exhilarating effects in your videos, which no other software can do.This manual empowers you to get started by creating simple composites, using operators in composite, changing the speed of an action in a clip, and editing clips and adding transition effects.

Title:Teach Yourself Autodesk Combustion
Author:Niranjan Jha
Publisher: - 2013-10-09


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