Teach Multiplication, Division, and the Time Table All at the Same Time

Teach Multiplication, Division, and the Time Table All at the Same Time

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The purpose of this book is to help students develop basic math skills that serve as the building blocks for all mathematical equations, and problems solving concepts. If basic math skills are learned, adding new formulas and problem solving concepts simply become a matter of understanding when and what sequence to apply for each order of operation. If students do not learn the basic foundation of mathematics; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and the time table chart, math will always be a subject that students experience difficulty understanding and comprehending. This book is intended to be a simple guide to help third grade students learn and become proficient in their application of basic math skills. Students will learn to use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and the time table chart simultaneously while they learn the strategy of counting up. qI have nothing against the usage of calculators, but when students are introduced to the calculator at the third grade level, they become dependent on the use of calculators for assistance with math computations. Once students learn to use the calculator it becomes unnecessary for them to master basic math skills, because they continue to rely on the use of calculators for assistance with math. The calculator becomes the math problem solving tool. Could this be part of the reason students are not performing at levels of proficiency required on standardized test?q It is important for students to learn basic math skills in its entirety, prior to being introduced to the calculator. Once students have developed a basic foundation of math skills then and only then should the calculator be introduced as a learning tool. When students learn the strategy of qCounting Upq they will be able to rely on what they have learned to find the solutions to math problems.An Instructional Guide for Learning Basic Math Skills Andray McCuien ... Students are also provided with an opportunity to use self-correction, checking to ensure that the correct number of fingers has been used to count up to the accurateanbsp;...

Title:Teach Multiplication, Division, and the Time Table All at the Same Time
Author:Andray McCuien
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-02


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