Tamil Brahmans

Tamil Brahmans

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A cruise along the streets of Chennaia€”or Silicon Valleya€”filled with professional young Indian men and women, reveals the new face of India. In the twenty-first century, Indians have acquired a new kind of global visibility, one of rapid economic advancement and, in the information technology industry, spectacular prowess. In this book, C. J. Fuller and Haripriya Narasimhan examine one particularly striking group who have taken part in this development: Tamil Brahmansa€”a formerly traditional, rural, high-caste elite who have transformed themselves into a new middle-class caste in India, the United States, and elsewhere. Fuller and Narasimhan offer one of the most comprehensive looks at Tamil Brahmans around the world to date. They examine Brahman migration from rural to urban areas, more recent transnational migration, and how the Brahman way of life has translated to both Indian cities and American suburbs. They look at modern education and the new employment opportunities afforded by engineering and IT. They examine how Sanskritic Hinduism and traditional music and dance have shaped Tamil Brahmansa€™ particular middle-class sensibilities and how middle-class status is related to the changing position of women. Above all, they explore the complex relationship between class and caste systems and the ways in which hierarchy has persisted in modernized India.But for the great majority of Tamil Brahmans, like countless other indians, America has a unique appeal that eclipses everywhere else. The Tamil ... Life in the suburbs is overwhelmingly dependent on cars and hardly anyone walks anywhere. ... children, old people, or others who cannot drive always have to be given a ride.

Title:Tamil Brahmans
Author:C. J. Fuller, Haripriya Narasimhan
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2014-10-03


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