Tales from the Meadowlark Cafe

Tales from the Meadowlark Cafe

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Bonnie, a cute blonde waitress at the Meadowlark CafAc in Southeast County, Nebraska, solves murders without ever leaving the coffee shop. Her high school friends, Pug Peterson, now local crop duster, and former high school sweetheart, Eddie Joe a€œTootsiea€ Oa€™Toole (named for his favorite candy), do the legwork. One-man police force Augie Schroeder, also a high school chum, Sheriff E. L. (thata€™s his name) Klipstein and new, young Coroner Ron Adelman, confirm Bonniea€™s suspicions when she needs them. Klipstein wishes Bonnie would just butt out. Perry Powell, short a jib of a full set of sails, has input too.In Meridian? There arena#39;tany other African Americans in Meridian. a€œWeeeellllll, a€ he drawled. He thought how hard on the kid will this be? a€œPlease? ... Carl was asleep, slumped in the carseat in the back, probably toohot under all thecovers.

Title:Tales from the Meadowlark Cafe
Author:Dena Miller
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-01-16


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