Taking the Pulse of America

Taking the Pulse of America

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For many Americans, hearing the words, a€œUnited States of Americaa€ brings stirring emotions. It is the concept of e pluribus unuma€”a€œout of many, onea€a€”that summarizes the sense of national unity that Americans feel, and one that author Martin Street seeks to convey in Taking the Pulse of America. This compendium of 110 essays offers a snapshot of American life today. Street offers opinions and suggestions for many of the most contentious issues of our time. From hot button issues like abortion, illegal immigration, and waterboarding to the justice system, education reform, and government affairs, Street doesna€™t mince words. Often, Streeta€™s commentary is just as contentious as his subjects. Even so, he provides an honest, authentic voice to these conversations that have become part of our national lexicon. Whether he discusses unions, our throwaway society, or professional athletes, Street gives his straightforward, often politically incorrect opinions. A call to action for Americans to restore the United States of America to her former glory, Taking the Pulse of America is essential reading for every citizen.But ifa lawn tractor, wall oven, or projection TV breaks, it may be worth fixing even after six or seven years. Obviously ... my Sears Craftsman lawn mower, for example, I have to have it sent more than fifty miles to Denver and 328 Martin Street.

Title:Taking the Pulse of America
Author:Martin Street
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-01-31


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