Taking People with You

Taking People with You

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a€œAN IMPORTANT BOOK ABOUT MOTIVATION FROM A PROVEN MOTIVATOR.a€ a€”JACK WELCH Yum! Brands CEO David Novak learned long ago that you cana€™t lead a great organization of any size without getting your people aligned, enthusiastic, and focused relentlessly on the mission. But how do you do that? There are countless leadership books, but how many will actually help a Taco Bell shift manager, a Fortune 500 CEO, a new entrepreneur, or anyone in between? Over his fifteen years at Yum! Brands, Novak has developed a trademarked programa€”Taking People with Youa€”that he personally teaches to thousands of managers around the world. He shows them how to make big things happen by getting people on their side. No skill in business is more important. And Yum!a€™s extraordinary success (at least 13 percent growth for each of the last ten years) proves his point. Novak knows that managers dona€™t need leadership platitudes or business school theories. So he cuts right to the chase with a step-by-step guide to setting big goals, building strong teams, blowing past your targets, and celebrating after you shock the skeptics. And then doing it again and again until consistent excellence becomes a core element of your culture.This book has specific tools at the end of each chapter that will challenge you to reflect on how youa#39;re really doing on key aspects of leadership. And if you apply it, youa#39;ll immediately start to improve.

Title:Taking People with You
Author:David Novak
Publisher:Penguin - 2012-01-03


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