Take Control of Using Mountain Lion

Take Control of Using Mountain Lion

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You'll become comfortable with these important Mountain Lion features: Notifications: Learn how to view, organize, and control your notifications--so that they don't control you! Gatekeeper: Understand the new Gatekeeper security system, and how you can bypass it when necessary. Resume: Enjoy the Resume feature that re-opens applications and windows when you restart your Mac or relaunch a program. Or learn how to shut it off. Auto Save: Some applications don't have Save commands in Mountain Lion! Learn how to save if you need to, and what to do if OS X saves something you don't want--and discover a new option in Mountain Lion that refines Auto Save in an important way. iCloud: Read what Matt thinks is interesting about iCloud, plus come to a full understanding of how to work with Documents in the Cloud in OS X--including how to handle the new Open dialog. Window management: Get help with resizing your windows, find out about full-screen mode, and go way beyond the basics with Mission Control and desktop spaces. Gestures: If you have a trackpad or Magic Mouse, get ready for more gestures in Mountain Lion! You'll learn how handle these core customizations: Menu bar: Enable (or disable) menu icons at the right side of the menu bar, and locate the elusive checkbox for making the menu bar look solid. Finder windows: Set up the default Finder window in a smart way that suits your needs. Dock: Take control of your Dock's appearance, location, and contents. Launchpad: Move and remove items in Launchpad--a close cousin to the iOS Home screen--and make qfoldersq that contain multiple apps. Screen: Calibrate your screen so it looks good to you, and learn how to make choppy text look smoother. Desktop: Set which elements appear on the Desktop, and pick a custom background image. Plus you'll find the answers to these customization-related questions: How do I turn off notification banners and alerts, for all my applications, all at once? Where did my scrollbars go? How do I make the text in my Finder window sidebar larger? How do I change the size of my mouse pointer icon? How do I create a custom keyboard shortcut for a menu item? Chockablock with information, the ebook also teaches you how to: Activate the new Voice Dictation feature. Issue the nifty keyboard shortcut for the handy Accessibility Options dialog. Find missing or deeply buried files quickly. Enter accented characters--or type in a different language! Install, delete, and organize fonts. Let your fingers do the walking by choosing menu items with the keyboard. Type a shortcut to qspringq open a closed folder while dragging a file onto it. Set up a new user account--and limit its powers. Zoom with picture-in-a-picture. Find your hidden user Library--and keep it found. ...and much more!Tip:To stream audio only from iTunes or some other audio software, look for an AirPlay button in that application. ... videomirroring: iMac(Mid 2011or newer), Mac mini(Mid 2011ornewer), MacBook Air (Mid 2011or newer), MacBook Pro ( Early2011 ornewer). ... youmustwait for them all to launchbefore you canget much done. Login Items vs. Resume Login items are not the same as the Resume feature.

Title:Take Control of Using Mountain Lion
Author:Matt Neuburg
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2012-07-26


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