Take Control of MobileMe

Take Control of MobileMe

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This 140-page ebook covers how to handle many aspects of using MobileMe, including: Syncinga€”what to expect, handling problems, and more Various ways to use an iDisk for storing and sharing files Setting up and using a MobileMe email account Managing calendar and contact data on the MobileMe site Posting photos and videos online via the Gallery and iLife '11 or '09 Publishing a Web site to MobileMe's servers via iWeb Using Back to My Mac to get at the files and screen of one Mac from another Understanding what Apple's Backup, free with MobileMe, can and can't do, and whether it's a good choice for you Tracking your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via Find My iPhone Accessing your iDisk from an iOS device (with instructions for Apple's free iDisk app and notes on several third-party apps) qKissell cuts through [the syncing] thicket cleanly, with clear step-by-step instructions, with key caveats included. The book also provides great detail - good for peace of mind...q --The Cherry Creek News Read this book to learn the answers to questions such as: What are the primary features available in the MobileMe service? How do I set up MobileMe syncing on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch? How quickly should I expect MobileMe to sync my data? What types of data can sync only between Macs and what kinds of data can sync between Macs, Windows PCs, and iOS devices? How do I configure my MobileMe email account in my email software? How do I access my iDisk from Windows? How do I add movies and photos to my Web Gallery? Where in my MobileMe account does my iWeb-created site go? What should I do if I want to host a non-iWeb site in my MobileMe account? How can I configure my AirPort Extreme so it will work with Back to My Mac? How do I use the Find My iPhone app?... stayed the same is the absence of a detailed instruction manual. Although online ... Apple says the minimum system requirement for Macs isMac OSX10.5.8 (Leopard); for iPhone and iPod touch, iOS 3.1.3; and for iPad, iOS 3.2. As a result , Ianbsp;...

Title:Take Control of MobileMe
Author:Joe Kissell
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2010-10-27


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