Take Charge of Your Aviation Career

Take Charge of Your Aviation Career

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When I entered the aviation industry many years ago. No one sat me down and explained what I was getting myself into from a real world perspective. There was one person I knew was in the industry and he worked nights and was very difficult to connect with. In short, I was clueless. I made grave mistakes and sometimes took real, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, for granted. I also missed some opportunities because I was not prepared. After you graduate aviation school, you are going to want to have a full picture of your future. If you are currently in the industry and have been for about 5 years, you will still need this information to successfully fine-tune your career. This book will help prepare you for a successful aviation maintenance career. It gives a good a€œinsider'sa€ perspective of the aviation maintenance industry that most would have to work in the industry to get. It sums up what a€œgooda€ mechanics should know about their profession. It will help you avoid the mistakes that I made thereby improve your chances of success.Do you want to know more about contracting? Do you know what contracting is? What are the benefits and disadvantages versus working with a major carrier? Having information that you can apply is the best tool you can have when it comes to your career.I am an FAA Licensed Aircraft Mechanic of 25 years and have held positions such as: Aircraft Mechanic, Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor, Site Lead, Install Manager, Regional Manager, Maintenance Representative, Flight Engineer, Process Improvement Manager, and Aircraft Inspector, Through my career experiences, I feel I have very important information to share with the many professionals in the aviation maintenance industry.For example: in our industry, there are occupational basics and personal basics. Do you know what they are and if so, do you meet them all on a daily basis? Making sure that you do will improve your chances for better opportunities and promotion, at the very least will separate you from the pack. Is aviation management one of your goals? It could be somewhat difficult to break into but also very lucrative. I share key information that will guide you into that direction.Do you set professional and personal goals for yourself? If so, do you update them on a yearly basis? Are you measuring your progress? People who grow and achieve in their careers are intentional. There are tools in the book that I share that will help you. Do you interview well? You will after reading some of the tips that I share after having failed miserably.Finally, I have included a reading list that will elevate the way you approach your job. Your personal and career success has 80% to do with your attitude and the thoughts that you think. This list is a valuable resource. Most of these titles also come in an audio format so you can listen as you drive to and from work. a€œTake Charge of Your Aviation Careera€ is a great tool to add for your career.A Guide for Aviation Maintenance Professionals John Williams ... The technician on the Boeing hangar floor has a team of literally thousands of people. ... Standard practices (FAA compliance, General Maintenance Manual/GMM, etc.) 7.

Title:Take Charge of Your Aviation Career
Author:John Williams
Publisher:John Williams - 2012-12-01


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