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Tailgating is a hugely popular and uniquely American pastime. -- Discover the fun and informative secrets of tailgating, like how to paint your face, how to best cure a hangover, and how to best mooch beer from a stranger's keg! -- Virtually every college and university in the U.S. with football teams host tailgate parties, attended by both the current enrolled students, and twice as many alumni! Tailgating is defined, by the American Tailgater Website thusly: qTo participate in a picnic that is served from the tailgate of a vehicle, as before a sports event.q The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Tailgating will be the ultimate and ONLY book you'll need to planning and executing -- and attending -- a tailgate party. The author will offer excellent advice on the best kinds of barbeque equipment, such as gas grills versus charcoal grills, coolers, and where to go to purchase the best tailgating accessories. He also offers up cooking tips, deciding what best to cook, and discusses the special equipment for battling the elements (shades, tarps, space heaters). More importantly, the book will also feature invaluable tips on perhaps the most important element of tailgating: drinking. We'll show you how to mooch beer from other peoples' kegs (and keeping fellow moochers away from yours), how best to tap a keg, how to keep a keg from going flat, and how to hoist a keg without ruining your back. Additionally, the book will feature a crucial section on hangover prevention and cures, with science backed by a prominent expert on the study of hangovers, Dr. Jeffrey Weise, of Tulane University. All of this, plus much, much more, will be cram-packed into 192 fun-filled and informative book pages.... bit about the Honda Spree The automobile is the embodiment of assembly line technology a€” each rivet feels the same as ita#39;s drilled, and each finished product comes out looking exactly like the next. On the other hand, once the owner getsanbsp;...

Author:David Blend
Publisher: - 2002


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