T'ai-Chi for Geniuses

T'ai-Chi for Geniuses

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T'AI-CHI CHUAN is a Chinese martial art based on consciously aligning with the unforced balance of Yin and Yang energies that underlies all things. Whether or not you are interested in martial arts, T'ai-Chi principles of balance can be applied to any life activity to increase performance, efficiency, health and enjoyment. T'AI-CHI FOR GENIUSES is a practice companion, not an instructional training manual. Rather than presuming that the reader is a qdummyq or qcomplete idiot, q author Gene Burnett asserts that there is an inner qgeniusq within everyone. This genius is a wellspring of intuitive knowledge vastly more intelligent than our conscious minds. Burnett encourages the reader to listen to this inner genius while he breaks down the often confusing and mysterious T'ai-Chi training into four levels of work: Bone, Muscle, Energy and Spirit. Applying these levels of work to solo form training, partner work, weapons training, and daily life, Burnett shows how you can improve the quality and clarity of your practice, eventually becoming your own teacher and student.So the Bone Levelof driving a car includes learning the rules of the road, basic auto maintenance, which pedals dowhat, shifting gears, ... Whatever style you are studying, I think ita#39;s important tokeep inmind thatthe form youstudy is notTa#39;ai Chi.

Title:T'ai-Chi for Geniuses
Author:Gene Burnett
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-12-30


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