Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan

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For thousands of years, the ancient art of Tai Chi has been shrouded in mystery. Tai Chi Chuan: An Afriasian Resource for Health and Longevity removes the mystery and offers enticing information for today. This is a book for those who desire to transform the body through consistent, non-impact exercise and diet. In it, you will discover a simple set of exercises to increase physical stamina and flexibility, mental alertness, and the spiritual discipline of quietness. This book also explores medical information from research using Tai Chi in a variety of recuperative regimens. Read the results of studies, compare the conclusions, and try the program for yourself. Tai Chi is not a miracle cure; it is miraculously accessible to everyone. It requires no special equipment and very little time and space. However, the benefits far outweigh any investment of time and resources to become stronger and healthier. Tai Chi Chuan: An Afriasian Resource for Health and Longevity makes doing Tai Chi simple, easy, natural, enjoyable, and productive.Cruzian Mystic Books. 1997. Chandler, Wayne B. Ancient Future. Black Classic Press. 1999. Chia, Mantak et al. Awaken the Healing Light of the Tao. Charles E. Tuttle Co. 1993. Chu, Vincent. Beginnera#39;s Tai Chi Chuan. Unique Publications.

Title:Tai Chi Chuan
Author:Mfundishi Obuabasa Serikali
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-07


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