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Tactile is all about longing for roots. Springtime in North Carolina brings new life and fresh growth, but Jimmie is tired. Tired of moving, tired of the changes. He longs to put down roots-maybe too much. Jimmie's ordinary enough. Much like you and me, he's getting older. And ever since his wife died he's been getting lonelier. He's still trying to make sense of her death, of his life. He still has their home, a bungalow inside the Beltline. And somehow, suddenly, he's got Nadine. Nadine and Jimmie go way back. Childhood sweethearts once, something folks called puppy love. She's the kind of girl that used to like bright colors. But not now, not anymore. She barely escaped a bad marriage and she carries scars. She's had very little to live on no car, no money, few clothes, and hardly any hope. But maybe Jimmie can give her what she's missing and maybe she can give him the love he needs. Too bad Jimmie's starting to sense things he can't explain. Starting to see things that others don't do things he shouldn't do. It's a good thing they found each other again when they did. Isn't it?much pain, like a circuit breaker tripping. Maybe thata#39;s what happened, maybe thata#39;s why you cana#39;t remember. ... For all my ranting I dona#39;t really feel as if Ia#39;ve lost touch with reality or anya€” thing. But there are some of the things that Ia#39;ve actually anbsp;...

Author:D. Ray Furr
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-09-08


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