Systems Engineering with SysML/UML

Systems Engineering with SysML/UML

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UML, the Universal Modeling Language, was the first programming language designed to fulfill the requirement for quniversality.q However, it is a software-specific language, and does not support the needs of engineers designing from the broader systems-based perspective. Therefore, SysML was created. It has been steadily gaining popularity, and many companies, especially in the heavily-regulated Defense, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Device and Telecomms industries, are already using SysML, or are plannning to switch over to it in the near future. However, little information is currently available on the market regarding SysML. Its use is just on the crest of becoming a widespread phenomenon, and so thousands of software engineers are now beginning to look for training and resources. This book will serve as the one-stop, definitive guide that provide an introduction to SysML, and instruction on how to implement it, for all these new users. *SysML is the latest emerging programming language--250, 000 estimated software systems engineers are using it in the US alone! *The first available book on SysML in English *Insider information! The author is a member of the SysML working group and has written sections of the specification *Special focus comparing SysML and UML, and explaining how both can work togetherclass Car 0..1 m 1 0..1 2 axle 2 0..1 0..1 2 front rear Engine Wheel Car FIGURE 3- 24 Simple class model for a car. class Object model Car (section) frontright: Wheel ferrari:Car opelAstra:Car turbo:Engine rearright:Wheel FIGURE 3-25 Undesirable object model a€œcara€ (section). an association are ... This section discusses a diagram form of UML 2 that was not around in UML 1: composite structure diagrams.

Title:Systems Engineering with SysML/UML
Author:Tim Weilkiens
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann - 2011-08-29


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