Systems Biology and Regulatory Genomics

Systems Biology and Regulatory Genomics

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It has become increasingly evident that the use of large-scale experimental data and the application of principles from systems biology are gaining widespread acceptance in mainstream biology.Systems biologyinvolvesthe use of global cellular measurements, i.e., genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic, to constructcomputationalmodelsof cel- lar processes and disease. These approaches involve an integration of experimental and computationaltechniquesand may include: 1) developingmodels of cellular processes, 2) measuring the response to perturbations of model components, and 3) iteratively formulating and testing new hypotheses for unexpected observations. A research area that is particularly importantto systems biologyis the study of gene regulatorynetworks.Althoughgenomesequencingeffortshavebeentremendouslys- cessful, much is unknown aboutthe regulationof these sequenced genomes. Automatic methods for helping decipher the regulatory mechanism are crucial for understa- ing the regulatory network as a whole. However, many new challenges are presented when analyzing complete genomes. These challenges include motif discovery in large genomes, leveraginginformationfrommultiplegenomes, detectionofweak signals and incorporatingdifferenttypes of genomicdata such as protein localization data and gene expression. Novel methodology will be particularly relevant given the hypothesis that theobservedphenotypicdifferencesbetweenorganismswithverysimilar genomesmay be due to variations in the gene regulation. The amount of research in both of these areas has exploded in recent years, as w- nessed by the number of research presentations at meetings such as RECOMB, ISMB, PSB, the Biopathways Consortium, and ICSB. The jointly held RECOMB Satellite on Systems Biology and the RECOMB Satellite on Regulatory Genomics provide a forum for addressing these challeJoint Annual RECOMB 2005 Satellite Workshops on Systems Biology and on Regulatory Genomics, San Diego, CA, USA, December ... Shouguang Jin is a professor of MGM with PhD from the University of Washington, and Su-Shing Chenanbsp;...

Title:Systems Biology and Regulatory Genomics
Author:Eleazar Eskin
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-01-18


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