Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery of airports and surrounding areas

Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery of airports and surrounding areas

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This report is the first in a series of three which address the statistical description of ground clutter at an airport and in the surrounding area. These data are being utilized in a program to detect microbursts. Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data were acquired from the ERIM SAR data archive and were examined for utility to this program. Eight digital scattering coefficient images were created. Data used were of four airports observed with a set of parameters which more closely matched those which are anticipated to be encountered by an aircraft on its approach to an airport. This report describes these data and the results of the clutter study. These scenes which are greater than 6 km x 6 km scene were imaged at 9.38 GHz and HH-and VV-polarizations, and contained airport grounds and facilities, industrial, residential, fields, forest, and water. Incidence angles ranged from 12 deg to 72 deg. Even at the largest depression angles the distributed targets such as forest, fields, water, and residential rarely had mean scattering coefficients greater than -10dB. Eighty-seven percent of the image had scattering coefficients less than -17.5 dB. About 1 % of the scattering coefficients exceeded 0 dB, with about 0.1 % above 10dB. Sources which produced the largest cross-sections were largely confined to the airport grounds and areas highly industrialized. The largest cross-sections were produced by observing broadside large buildings surrounded by smooth surfaces. Example combinations include terminals/tarmac, docks/water, industrial-facility/parking-lot, and refinery-tanks/ground. (rrh).Mean STD PDF Angle (dB) (dB) (dB) (Mag) 8.44E-01 Gamma 43.03 2.75E-02 Gamma 42.28 1.69E+00 Gamma 43.16 9.20E-01 Gamma 43.99 ... 61 1 . 53E-01 Gamma 46. 15 3. 93E+00 Gamma 50. 05 7. 41E-01 Gamma 48. 81 8. 76E-03 Gamma 50. 96 2. 23E-02 Gamma 51 . ... Multiple 39 15 2 06E+01 Gamma 40 71 2 49E+01 Gamma 40 59 1 92E+01 Gamma 40.70 2 67E+01 Gamma 40 .76 4 . 63E+01anbsp;...

Title:Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery of airports and surrounding areas
Author:Robert Gary Onstott, Denise J. Gineris, Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, Langley Research Center
Publisher: - 1990


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