Syncretic Arenas

Syncretic Arenas

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This collection in part examines the legacy of the consummate Nigerian stage artist and scholar, Esiaba Irobi (1960a€“2010). Poems, tributes, and studies celeAnbrate Irobia€™s significance as actor, playAnwright, director, poet, and theatre theorist. Irobia€™s life, temper, times, and career are inextricably linked to the history, develAnopment, concerns, and uses of drama and theatre in Africa. The contributions highAnlight the evolution of autochthonous theaAntrical practices: the interaction between Western and indigenous African perforAnmance traditions; colonial/postcolonial government policies and the mutations of drama and theatre (and critical commenAntary); the tensions inherent in postcolonial conceptions of history, identity, nationAnhood, and articulations of alternative aesAnthetics, pedagogies, and epistemologies for postcolonial African theatre; staging African plays in the West; and the con-stituencies of the contemporary African playwright and director. The strength of these studies derives primarily from nuanced examinations of the concerns and careers of particular African playwrights; the history, offerings, and fortunes of particular theatrical arenas, and close explorations of specific performances and texts. The foregrounding of corresponAndences in the dramaturgies and intellecAntual ferment of the continent critically accentuates equally privileged regional, historical, and other crucial specificities. Situated in time and place while underAnscoring the political and intellectual interAnsections of a shared history of colonial-ism, the contributions to Syncretic Arenas, individually and collectively, reveal the transformations and growing strengths of postcolonialism as an analytical strategy. Isidore Diala is Professor of African literature in the Department of English and Literary Studies at Abia State University, Uturu, and author of Esiaba Irobia€™s Drama and the Postcolony: Theory and Practice of Postcolonial Performance (2013).His previous essays, poetry, and plays were published in Afrikaans, and he consistently defended his use of the language ... In his private life, though, he has struggled with the way in which his mother tongue was associated with the apartheidanbsp;...

Title:Syncretic Arenas
Author:Isidore Diala
Publisher:Rodopi - 2014-11-15


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