Sweet Creek

Sweet Creek

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Sweet Creek is a story of love, community, and the changing tides of time set in a town where trannies, lesbian cops, aging gay hippies, womyn's landers and rural couples come in search of a lesbian paradise. Two left over lesbian hippies, now in their 50's, Donny and Chick run the vegetarian Natural Woman Foods store. In Donny, a black lesbian and Chick, her lover, Lee Lynch continues to depict the struggles of working class butch lesbians and femmes. Author Lee Lynch tackles broad themes that affect us all: love, death, gender and aging in a novel rich with love, friendship, passion, and romance.When they packed it a month later, Jeep hadna#39;t had much more to put in it than when shea#39;d left Reno with Sami. Hector Whitea#39;s car was a little ... I know enough to do basic troubleshooting, and Ia#39;d keep one for myself.a€ Shea#39;d need an eBayanbsp;...

Title:Sweet Creek
Author:Lee Lynch
Publisher:Bold Strokes Books Inc - 2006-01-01


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