Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable Leadership

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The business case for operating along sustainable principles is becoming very clear. Sustainable organizations outperform their peers on many criteria, including corporate social responsibility, employee satisfaction and a€“ surprising for some a€“ even financially. Sustainable Leadership: Honeybee and Locust Approaches presents an evidence-based view of how 23 leadership practices facilitate outcomes that go beyond what is commonly referred to as the triple bottom line a€“ environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility and financial success. The book centers on a powerful metaphor of honeybee and locust behaviors, which illustrate two leadership philosophies with very different outcomes for a business and its viability. Gathering evidence from scholars combined with observations from successful firms around the world, the book presents a bundle of principles, behaviors and beliefs that forms a sustainable leadership system. This engaging, insightful book offers a set of principles that can be adapted in many ways to underpin sustainable leadership in different situations. It provides evidence and a rationale for building a business case to change towards more sustainable practices.Although it is too early too tell with any certainty at the time of going to press in early 2010, many Honeybee firms have ... of 2009, but continued to suffer in 2010 because ofserious quality problems resulting in major recalls of many of its brands. More recent figures are not available. Honda reported lower net income for 2009, with car sales down 10 per cent and motorcycle sales Epilogue: After the Globalanbsp;...

Title:Sustainable Leadership
Author:Gayle C. Avery, Harald Bergsteiner
Publisher:Routledge - 2011


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