Surviving Chemistry Workbook: High School Chemistry - 2015 Revision

Surviving Chemistry Workbook: High School Chemistry - 2015 Revision

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One of our Top Sellers to schools. This is the newly revised 2015 Revision of our organized and engaging Workbook. Now cleaner, clearer, more organized than the previous edition. With New York State Physical Setting Chemistry Reference Tables. This Google eBook now comes with Free eBook Answer Key Access to all practice questions. . Excellent classroom supplemental chemistry book. . Use by teachers as classroom instructional material. . Huge benefit to struggling students. Book Summary . 3 Sections of work (Worksheet, Multiple Choices, and Constructed Response) . Over 400 question sets . 5000 organized and engaging questions The set-by-set grouping of questions by concept allows for the following benefits to teachers and students. Teacher Benefits: . Assign, grade, and evaluate HW ease . Easily find several organized and engaging sets of questions for students to practice for each chemistry concept you are teaching . Engage your students with work on every chemistry concept that you are teaching . Very comprehensive for a whole year of class work and homework Student Benefits: . Work on question sets for each concept you are learning. . Test and evaluate your understanding of each concept . Well organized and less confusing problem sets Chemistry Teachers: Contact us for a hard copy print and/or a quote for a class order. Thanks.Factors affecting reaction rate, Collision Theory Base your answers to questions 1 through 3 on the information below. 1. ... On the set of axes provided: Sketch the potential energy diagram for an endothermic chemical reaction that shows the activation energy and the potential energy of the reactants and the potential ... Reaction Coordinate Set D: Le Chateliera#39;s Principle Base your answers to question.

Title:Surviving Chemistry Workbook: High School Chemistry - 2015 Revision
Author:Effiong Eyo
Publisher:E3 Scholastic Publishing - 2015-07-17


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