Surviving Chemistry Workbook

Surviving Chemistry Workbook

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Teacher Benefits: . Assign, grade, and evaluate HW ease . Easily find several organized and engaging sets of questions for students to practice for each chemistry concept you are teaching . Engage your students with work on every chemistry concept that you are teaching . Very comprehensive for a whole year of class work and homework Student Benefits: . Work on question sets for each concept you are learning. . Test and evaluate your understanding of each concept . Well organized and less confusing problem sets This book is used by teachers as a classroom instructional material.Drawing electron-dot diagrams Objective: To test your ability to draw Lewis electron-dot diagrams for atoms, ions and compounds Define the following: Electron-dot diagram Draw electron-dot diagram for these atoms, ions and compounds.

Title:Surviving Chemistry Workbook
Author:Effiong Eyo
Publisher:E3 Scholastic Publishing - 2011-08-05


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