Supply Chain and Logistics Management Made Easy

Supply Chain and Logistics Management Made Easy

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THE PRACTICAL, EASY INTRODUCTION TO MODERN SUPPLY CHAIN/LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT FOR EVERY PROFESSIONAL AND STUDENT! COVERS CORE CONCEPTS, PLANNING, OPERATIONS, INTEGRATION, COLLABORATION, NETWORK DESIGN, AND MORE SHOWS HOW TO MEASURE, CONTROL, AND IMPROVE ANY SUPPLY CHAIN INCLUDES PRACTICAL ADVICE FOR JUMPSTARTING YOUR OWN SUPPLY CHAIN CAREER This easy guide introduces the modern field of supply chain and logistics management, explains why it is central to business success, shows how its pieces fit together, and presents best practices you can use wherever you work. Myerson explains key concepts, tools, and applications in clear, simple language, with intuitive examples that make sense to any student or professional. He covers the entire field: from planning through operations, integration and collaboration through measurement, control, and improvement. Youa€™ll find practical insights on hot-button issues ranging from sustainability to the lean-agile supply chain. Myerson concludes by helping you anticipate key emerging trendsa€”so you can advance more quickly in your own career. Trillions of dollars are spent every year on supply chains and logistics. Supply chain management is one of the fastest growing areas of business, and salaries are rising alongside demand. Now, therea€™s an easy, practical introduction to the entire field: a source of reliable knowledge and best practices for students and professionals alike. Paul A. Myerson teaches you all youa€™ll need to start or move forward in your own supply chain career. Writing in plain English, he covers all the planning and management tasks needed to transform resources into finished products and services, and deliver them efficiently to customers. Using practical examples, Myerson reviews the integration, collaboration, and technology issues that are essential to success in todaya€™s complex supply chains. Youa€™ll learn how to measure your supply chaina€™s performance, make it more agile and sustainable, and focus it on what matters most: adding customer value. MASTER NUTS-AND-BOLTS OPERATIONAL BEST PRACTICES Improve procurement, transportation, warehousing, ordering, reverse logistics, and more BUILD A BETTER GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN Manage new risks as you improve sustainability STRENGTHEN KEY LINKAGES WITH YOUR PARTNERS AND CUSTOMERS Get supply chains right by getting collaboration right PREVIEW THE FUTURE OF SUPPLY CHAINSa€”AND YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN CAREER Discover a€œwhere the puck is headeda€a€”so you can get there firstEmerging. Technologies. in. Use. Today. Stanley Steemer A national carpet cleaning franchise founded in 1947, they have automated route ... wireless connectivity, GPS, and a magnetic stripe reader to process credit card payments in real time when service is finished. ... They switched from manual invoicing to invoicing with a handheld computer and printing a copy for the customer with a mobile printer.

Title:Supply Chain and Logistics Management Made Easy
Author:Paul A. Myerson
Publisher:FT Press - 2015-04-06


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