Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting

Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting

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My name is Bobby Singer. In twenty-four hours Ia€™m gonna lose my memory. So herea€™s everything you need to know. Monsters, demons, angels, vampires, the boogeyman under your bed: Ia€™ve seen it, Ia€™ve hunted it, Ia€™ve killed it. Ia€™m not the only hunter out here, but there arena€™t as many as there used to be. Not near as many as there need to be. Ia€™ve learned everything I can about every damned critter that walks, crawls, or flies, and Ia€™m not gonna let that all be for nothing. Ia€™m not going down without a fight. Ia€™m not letting everything Ia€™ve learned disappear. So thata€™s what youa€™re holding in your handsa€”everything I know. Anything thata€™d be useful for Sam, Dean, and the hunters that come after me. Ita€™s a guide to hunting...ita€™s a guide to me. My last will and testament. Ya idjits.My name is Bobby Singer.

Title:Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting
Author:David Reed
Publisher:Harper Collins - 2011-09-06


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