Superhobby Investing

Superhobby Investing

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What is 'superhobby investing'?Superhobby Investing is at the intersection of investing, collecting and other serious hobbies. It's about examining how you can ratchet up a hobby or a collecting passion into an investment option.If you are a stock market investor, this book will show how you can use the tangible assets that are normally part and parcel of collecting as a means of diversifying your portfolio. Or maybe you already own, or have inherited, some superhobby assets - a stamp collection or a set of first editions, say - but never thought of them as potential investments.Using this book, you can find out how to assess their value and how to convert them into a durable and profitable portfolio. This book shows you why developing one or more superhobbies can be a good idea, and looks at various forms this tangible asset investing can take.In each case the book explains how the markets operate, what the risks are, what returns can be expected, and what knowledge and skills are required. Each asset profile includes: - The history of investment in the asset- The basic characteristics and features of the market- The examination of long term returns, with detailed figures- The tax angles (if applicable)- The major issues- How to buy and sell, including major dealers and auctioneers- Sources of informationOwnersa#39; clubs can be a source of a great deal of advice for potential buyers and sellers of the make and models in question. Back in the sports car market, the best placed from the ownersa#39; club standpoint is understood to be the T series MG.

Title:Superhobby Investing
Author:Peter Temple
Publisher:Harriman House Limited - 2004


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