Sunday School Specials

Sunday School Specials

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Here are 13 creative programs that allow you to group children ages 4-12 in the same class. # Now you can teach life-changing Bible lessons with all ages of children togetherawhenever: Lots of families go on vacationaleaving just a few kids in each class # You're having a special-event Sunday # You just want to do something different in Sunday school # You want to give your teachers some time off # Or any other time you need to combine children of different ages in the same class. Sunday School Specials is also great for small churches that combine ages every Sunday. # With Sunday School Specials, you're ready to teach creative Bible lessons to a mixed bag of kids. Each lesson comes complete with: Active-learning experiences a to catch kids' interest. . . and teach them lessons they'll remember # Interactive Bible stories a to help even the youngest kids grasp the real meaning of scripture # Life applications a to encourage children to use what they've learned # Reproducible activity sheets a so children can share what they've learned with their families # And more, including tips for better understanding your kids, and what to do with early-arrivers or extra time in the class. # Plus, 3 of the lessons offer you the option of including parents, grandparents and other adults in the class. About the author: Lois Keffer's popular workshops have helped thousands of church workers teach more effectively. Lois' many years of working with kids and writing easy-to-use, life-changing curriculum helped her author the best-selling Sunday School Specials series!Here are 13 creative programs that allow you to group children ages 4-12 in the same class.

Title:Sunday School Specials
Author:Lois Keffer
Publisher:Group - 1992-01


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