Summary: Hardball - Georges Stalk and Rob Lachenauer

Summary: Hardball - Georges Stalk and Rob Lachenauer

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Complete summary of George Stalk and Rob Lachenauer's book: qHardball: Are You Playing to Play or Playing to Win?q. This summary of the ideas from George Stalk and Rob Lachenauer's book qHardballq shows how companies that play business hardball aren't content with just having a competitive advantage. Instead, they work hard to create a virtuous cycle that will take them far beyond the reach of their competitors. In their book, the authors explain how this strategy of seizing and finding ways to enhance a competitive advantage is how the game of business is supposed to be played. This summary redefines the meaning of competition in business and is a must-read for today's industry players. Added-value of this summary: a€c Save time a€c Understand key concepts a€c Expand your competitive skills To learn more, read qHardballq and discover the key to playing on the business field and coming out on top.There are many examples of companies which achieved runaway growth by going against accepted industry practices. One of these is CarMax, which offers a better way to buy a used car by having 1, 000 to 1, 500 vehicles available on the lot, anbsp;...

Title:Summary: Hardball - Georges Stalk and Rob Lachenauer
Author:BusinessNews Publishing
Publisher:Primento - 2013-02-15


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