Summary: Five Regions of the Future - Joel Barker and Scott Erickson

Summary: Five Regions of the Future - Joel Barker and Scott Erickson

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This work offers a summary of the book a€œFIVE REGIONS OF THE FUTURE: Preparing Your Business For Tomorrowa€™s Technology Revolutiona€ by Joel Barker and Scott Erickson.Joel Barker is a business futurist. He began his career working for the Science Museum of Minnesota before establishing his own consulting firm, Infinity Limited, Inc. He is the author of Future Edge and has made several highly successful business videos. Scott Erickson is both a business futurist and chief administrative officer at Pressley Ridge Corporation, a childrena€™s behavioral health company. Not all high tech is created equal. As authors Barker and Erickson explain in this visionary book, if you take a step back, ita€™s clear most new technology falls clearly into one of five well-defined regions: Super Tech, Limits Tech, Local Tech, Nature Tech, and Human Tech. By mapping advancements in each of these fields, you can make smart decisions about which technologies will ultimately transform your industry and generate the best growth opportunities. An essential read for anyone baffled by todaya€™s rapidly evolving technologies.When Henry Ford selected the gasoline engineforthe ModelT, investment capital started flowinginto gasoline engine technology and infrastructure. ... The same pattern emerges in computer software, microprocessor chips and even coffeehouses. ... If scientists manage to develop a working fusion reactor, the interest in windmill technology, wave power or even hydro electricity generation may decline.

Title:Summary: Five Regions of the Future - Joel Barker and Scott Erickson
Author:BusinessNews Publishing
Publisher:Primento - 2013-02-15


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