Successful Bodybuilding with Machines

Successful Bodybuilding with Machines

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Finally a book that outlines how to be successful using weight machines for bodybuilding! Best-selling author David Groscup has written a comprehensive book on the history and mechanics of weight machines, the pros and cons of using machines, different training programs designed to take advantage of weight machines capabilities to build muscle and strength using cutting-edge techniques like Rolling Static Partials, Super-X Contractions, Superslow and Pre-exhaust. Learn from an expert that has been training with HIT, high intensity bodybuilding training for over 35 years. Find out how to lose weight and increase muscle in as little as 15 minutes using specialized circuit training and much more!It will be necessary to have a partner hold your legs down as you do this exercise . ... Circuit Training with Weight Machines While it is possible to do a circuit training routine with free weights, it is much easier to construct a circuit training routineanbsp;...

Title:Successful Bodybuilding with Machines
Author:David Groscup
Publisher:David Groscup - 2014-02-23


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