Success and Failure in the UK Car Manufacturing Industry

Success and Failure in the UK Car Manufacturing Industry

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Although initially sparked by the collapse of MG Rover, this inquiry into the UK automotive industry was broadened to examine the following subjects: the principal reasons for the different records of success by different companies;how companies arrive at investment and closure decisions; the role played by trade unions; the appropriate Government response to closure announcements and what the Government could do to help the supply chain and workforce if plants are closed. Overall it foresees mixed prospects for car manufacturing in this country and thinks it is important that the industry and Government put extra effort into improving skills, increasing RaD, adopting lean manufacturing techniques and strengthening the local supply chain.This is exactly where we began the whole inquiry, about the treatment of employees at MG Rover after the closure of ... commitment in the circumstances through offering a very strong financial package to its employees and if I can quote a ... When I say gross pay, I mean base pay, plus shift premiums, plus direct workersa#39; allowance, plus attendance bonuses. ... retire. others may choose to take that and seek other employment as well, and they are perfectly at liberty to do that, of course.

Title:Success and Failure in the UK Car Manufacturing Industry
Author:Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Trade and Industry Committee
Publisher:The Stationery Office - 2007


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