Suburban Blues

Suburban Blues

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qWe gotta' get out of this place, if it's the last thing we ever do.q Jake Strong is stuck in a rut. Over a period of time, he's gradually grown tired of his job. He can't help feeling that, long ago, he might have taken the wrong turn somewhere on life's path. Jake regrets having heeded the advice of authority when he was young and is now longing for the good old days. At fifty-three years old, Jake is a moderately successful-but completely burned-out-real estate broker who is badly in need of a change. When an old high school friend, now a washed-up rock star, comes to town, it reminds him that songwriting was his natural talent and his first passion. Apprehensive but inspired, Jake embarks on a quest to find out if he has the moxie to be a songwriter. Along the way, he learns the truth about his old flame, Lizzie Taylor, he rights some wrongs, and he combines his youthful passion for songwriting with a seasoned work ethic. Will Jake finally find true happiness? Author Al Pauly creates the perfect mix of youthful dreams and grown-up cynicism in Suburban Blues, a story with which every adult can identify.a€œYou know honey, Ia#39;ve been waiting for you to ask me to fix that faucet all week. ... a€œWere having broccoli, and a nice salad with chicken grilled on the George Foreman Grill. ... cook but she was very busy at work these days and had little time to prepare the time consuming meals she loved to do. ... Jake, wea#39;ve worked long and hard and saved and done without so that we could have choices later on in life.

Title:Suburban Blues
Author:Al Pauly
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-09


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