Study Smart Score High

Study Smart Score High

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Want to turn failure into success? This book is the key! Attending school, but not liking it? Studying hard, yet scoring low? Reading lessons and still confused? Schooling need not be a tedious struggle-not any more! qGive me a lever long enough and I will move the worldq said Archimedes. The book is the lever that conquers the anxiety of parents, the helplessness of teachers and the frustration of students. The pages are strewn with gems of well-researched theories and practices to guide students to succeed. This is the friendly guide which takes you on a tour of the mind of the student. Each chapter offers a set of keys to open doors and unleash the powers of the mind.The latest neurological research on brain development in relation to music reveals that rhythm, lyrics, harmony and melody stimulate specific regions of the brain responsible for memory, motor control, timing and language. Since musicanbsp;...

Title:Study Smart Score High
Author:Cedric M. Kenny
Publisher:Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd - 2010-06-29


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