Study Guide for Mankiw's Essentials of Economics

Study Guide for Mankiw's Essentials of Economics

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David R. Hakes (University of Northern Iowa) has prepared a study guide that will enhance student success. Each chapter of the study guide includes learning objectives, a description of the chapter's context and purpose, a chapter review, key terms and definitions, advanced critical thinking questions, and helpful hints for understanding difficult concepts. Students can develop their understanding by doing the practice problems and short answer question, then assess their mastery of the key concepts with the self-test, which includes true/false and multiple choice questions.12. Which of the following is not considered a transaction cost incurred by parties in the process of contracting to ... Which of the following statements is true about an efficient solution to this externality problem if Bob has the right to ... of a. a tradable pollution permit. b. an application of the Coase theorem. c. an attempt to internalize a positive externality. - d. an attempt to internalize a negative externality. 17. A corrective tax on pollution sets the price of CHAPTER 10 EXTERNALITIES 159.

Title:Study Guide for Mankiw's Essentials of Economics
Author:N. Gregory Mankiw
Publisher:South-Western Pub - 2006-02-01


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