Student Success

Student Success

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STUDENT SUCCESS VALIDATES WHAT WE TEACHERS DO. Yet, not all students succeed. Many give up helplessly, reaching a€“ unnecessarily a€“ the end of their ropes. We teachers spent years honing our craft, figuring out ways to reach out, to connect, and to positively affect the lives of our students, not only while in college, but well beyond the often-treacherous college years. Paving the students' path toward a thriving university life and a rewarding career, therefore, gives meaning to what we do for a living. The art of learning has indeed transformed. Both the Internet and distinct generational preferences of our students have introduced new paradigms in post secondary education. Whereas years ago, the teacher and the local university library were the main repositories of knowledge, today's students can use the Internet - indeed the libraries of the entire planet a€“ to instantly locate the information they need, often effortlessly from the comfort of a couch! What the students want is not mere information; they need a€“ and demand a€“ practical knowledge and how information is applied. To be a successful teacher, one must constantly experiment with new and more effective learning strategies that combine best practices in learning. In this book, the authors have assembled numerous strategies and techniques for academic success. We have emptied our bags of tricks onto these pages. We have witnessed how these strategies rejuvenate our students' university experience. By authoring this book, we pass on to you a€“ our student a€“ the intricacies of the art of learning. From the role of motivation to memory retention to the ins and outs of connecting with your teachers, we have provided not only what is needed to succeed academically, but also the evidence for our recommendations. We offer you this book not only for us to make sense of our professional lives, but also for you to make sense of yours.Writing. Your. Paper. Start with an Outline In every first-year class that requires a paper or essay assignment, the best advice we as ... The outline also provides you with a skeleton that is a solid logical framework to organize all of the material for your paper. ... After you have clarified the purpose and requirements for your paper, you are ready to build your first outline. Most of ... After we did our research and reviewed other possible topics that we should include, we changed the outline.

Title:Student Success
Author:T. Anderson, S. Samimi, & K. Bohl
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010-05-18


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