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The Structure and Function of Muscle, Second Edition, Volume I, Structure Part 1 deals primarily with structure, considering muscles from the macroscopic, embryonic, histological, and molecular points of view. This book discusses the anatomy of muscles and their relation to movement and posture; how muscles are used in the body; development of striated muscle; and histochemistry of developing skeletal and cardiac muscle. The postembryonic growth and differentiation of striated muscle; skeletal muscle in culture; and molecular basis of contraction in cross-striated muscles are also elaborated. This volume likewise covers the obliquely striated muscle and crustacean and arthropod muscle. This publication is beneficial to biologists and medical students interested in the various aspects and structure of the muscles.Diagram showing the relationship of thick myofilaments to angle of striation in the xz plane. Top. Earthworm ... Ascaris muscle. Thick myofilaments are ~ 69 long and overlap along ~ 90% of their length. The striation angle is ~ 6. Bottom, right.

Author:Geoffrey H. Bourne
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-09-11


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