Strategy and History

Strategy and History

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Strategy and History comprises a selection of Professor Gray's key contributions to strategic debate over the past thirty years. These essays have been selected both because they had significant messages for contemporary controversies, and because they have some continuing relevance for today and the future. Each essay in this book is really about strategy in the modern world, and reflects the many dimensions of this complex subject. This book covers a wide range of subjects and historical events, but there are key issues covered throughout: being strategic the consequences of actions a respect for Clausewitza€™s theory of war historical dependency the importance of geography being critical of enthusiasm for technology over human factors the primacy of politics. This important publication provides an invaluable insight into the development of strategic studies over the past 30 years from one of the world's leading theorists and practitioners of the subject. The book will be of great interest to all students and analysts of strategy and international studies.A leading historian of Roman military practices informs us that [i]n a very real sense any war in this period [100 BCa€“AD 200] ... 9 Principles of War, download from ... and (very limited) variety, in the Principles, is the excellent book by John I. Alger, The Quest for Victory: The History of the ... all guilty of approaching the admittedly formidable task of defeating Nazi Germany as a strictly military undertaking.

Title:Strategy and History
Author:Colin S. Gray, Director of National Security Studies Colin S Gray
Publisher:Routledge - 2007-01-24


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