Strangers in the Night

Strangers in the Night

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Author Dr. Nelly Maseda often wonders how she became successful, but her brothers didn't. She wonders how she survived a childhood raised by a single Dominican mother on public assistance who suffered from severe mood swings, rage, promiscuous sexual behavior, and cycles of depression. While Maseda pursued her degree at Cornell University, her brothers and cousins entered into a world of substance abuse and its related criminal activities and violence. In Strangers in the Night, Maseda looks inside the dynamics of a family and describes the life of her mother, Nena-her early years in the Dominican Republic, immigration to the United States in 1959, her new life in New York City, and raising her children against the backdrop of rage, depression, and a questionable home life. She also shares the trajectory of her two brothers' lives to show that lessons can be learned from their experiences. Maseda tells her mother's story from the perspective of her profession as a pediatrician to communicate to patients and others that we now live in a time where help exists to undo the damage that negative, early life experiences can do to minds and lives.But Ia#39;ve already seen after a few hours here how much worse his obsessive compulsive disorder has become. ... The mileage on each timing belt, the date of the last oil change he performed, the condition of each spark plug on such and suchanbsp;...

Title:Strangers in the Night
Author:Nelly Maseda
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08-22


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