Storms... in Our Lives

Storms... in Our Lives

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In 1950, farming was the primary way of providing for one's family. Dad was very controlling, and he decided that his entire family would be productive. Mother had a newborn baby and Hannah was chosen to baby-sit at age five. She felt insecure and the challenge was overwhelming. Living with Dad was difficult because he was abusive, negligent, and very opinionated. His priorities were not up to standards, and Mother's opinion was not valued. Her siblings were denied a chance to acquire a formal education. They were reluctant to speak up because they too, feared lashes from Pharaoh's whip. Mom was passive, but she kept the faith that her children would overcome the hardships, begin again, and prosper. God saw them through the difficult times. It is always something and always will be. However, life goes on. One must carefully set his or her goal and work, drive, or push toward it continuously. Never, never give up nor be afraid of failure. If failure comes, try again. If this book does not convey anything else, all readers who open its cover will keep a strong faith throughout their lives. Endurance is the master key and perseverance is the door.... a laboratory technical assistant II. As I reflect on the first few weeks at work, the job was demanding. The requirements were that one must have college credits and successfully challenge the civil service examination. That meant a test score anbsp;...

Title:Storms... in Our Lives
Author:Hannah T. Merritt
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-05


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