Stoneboat Journey

Stoneboat Journey

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Richard sits, surrounded by his loving grandchildren, in the midst of yet another difficult Wisconsin winter. Fighting the cold, cuddling close to a blazing fire, they say, qTell us a story, Grandpa! Tell us a story!q Grandpa Richard is happy to oblige, and so begins a nostalgic journey back to the 1920s, when Richard's family struggled to survive in rural parts of the far northern United States. A mix of fact and fiction, Stoneboat Journeyis one man's look into his family history and how their history related to and affected the history of our country. Richard's family was comprised of German immigrants, living and fighting to thrive through blizzard, fire, and tragic loss. Richard, once a shy a withdrawn young man, finds himself thrown into the mix, as well, accepting a leadership role at a very early age. In his unexpected leadership role, Richard finds happiness, purpose, and wisdom that last into his later years.Stoneboat Journeyis more than a family memoir. It is the memoir of a developing America. Many of our current creature comforts are based on the difficult lives of these early families, struggling to make ends meet. The story of Richard's family is the story of America.In six years, Aunt Sarah would have a Speed Queen Washer with a metal tub powered with a gasoline engine. ... That was the a#39;dreama#39; world of many of his ancestors when they left their homes in Pomerania and other parts of Germany, andanbsp;...

Title:Stoneboat Journey
Author:Will Kalinke
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010-12


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