Stolen Paradise

Stolen Paradise

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Dylan meets a man on the beach after he witnesses the strangera€™s unfortunate rendezvous with a swarm of jellyfish. He looks like something out of a bad science fiction movie, covered with an unholy mess of jellyfish tentacles and stings. As Dylan picks the tentacles from the mana€™s body, the two men discover they have much in common, and soon afterward a sensuous romance begins. Passionate lovers and young scientists devoted to understanding the nature of genetics, the two men cannot imagine life without the other, but neither knows what the future holds, or does he?a€œManual control of a starship? Dylan, this isna#39;t ... Anyway, after we switched to the MindLink, the simulations were spot on. Rather ... I have been monitoring their vital signs and they all show an increase in heart and respiration rate. Ia#39;m picking anbsp;...

Title:Stolen Paradise
Publisher:BK Wright -


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