Startling Sci-Fi

Startling Sci-Fi

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For generations, the science fiction genre and literary fiction have been perceived as irreconcilable. Startling Sci-Fi: New Tales of the Beyond attempts to prove otherwise. These 13 stories are boldly literary while employing unmistakable characteristics of the sci-fi genre. Jhon Sancheza€™s a€œThe Japanese Rice Cookera€ and Daniel Goodinga€™s a€œCrow Magnum Xixa€ toy with readersa€™ expectations by defying traditional storytelling techniques while Eve Fishera€™s a€œEmbraceda€ and David W. Landruma€™s a€œThe Priestesses of Lighta€ are intricately constructed character studies. Rob Hartzella€™s a€œThe Dead and Eternala€ raises profound concerns about modern technology though Adam Sassa€™s a€œ98% Gravesa€ takes an optimistic view of the future. Every story is accompanied by Stefanie Masciandaroa€™s vibrant, hypnotic illustrations which simultaneously evoke the days of sci-fi pulp paperbacks yet remain firmly grounded in 21st century digital techniques. This anthology will take you beyond what you thought possible in science fiction.I dona#39;t think this item is a disappointment; I think the only con is the bad translation from Japanese into English. ... Some of my friends even became scared (Funny!). I have looked at the instruction manual as to how to change the settings.

Title:Startling Sci-Fi
Author:Mike Algera, M.P. Diederich, Eve Fisher, Daniel Gooding, Rob Hartzell, Brian T. Hodges, Scott Lambridis , David W. Landrum, J.P. Lorence, Marcus S. Robin, Jhon Sanchez, Adam Sass, Charlotte Unsworth
Publisher:New Lit Salon Press - 2015-05-01


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