Standard for Auditing Computer Applications, Second Edition

Standard for Auditing Computer Applications, Second Edition

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A Standard for Auditing Computer Applications is a dynamic new resource for evaluating all aspects of automated business systems and systems environments. At the heart of A Standard for Auditing Computer Applications system is a set of customizable workpapers that provide blow-by-blow coverage of all phases of the IT audit process for traditional mainframe, distributed processing, and client/server environments. A Standard for Auditing Computer Applications was developed by Marty Krist, an acknowledged and respected expert in IT auditing. Drawing upon his more than twenty years of auditing experience with leading enterprise organizations, worldwide, Marty walks you step-by-step through the audit process for system environments and specific applications and utilities. He clearly spells out what you need to look for and where to look for it, and he provides expert advice and guidance on how to successfully address a problem when you find one. When you order A Standard for Auditing Computer Applications, you receive a powerful package containing all the forms, checklists, and templates you'll ever need to conduct successful audits on an easy to use CD-ROM. Designed to function as a handy, on-the-job resource, the book follows a concise, quick-access format. It begins with an overview of the general issues inherent in any IT review. This is followed by a comprehensive review of the audit planning process. The remainder of the book provides you with detailed, point-by-point breakdowns along with proven tools for: evaluating systems environments-covers all the bases, including IT administration, security, backup and recovery planning, systems development, and more Evaluating existing controls for determining hardware and software reliability Assessing the new system development process Evaluating all aspects of individual applications, from I/O, processing and logical and physical security to documentation, training, and programmed procedures Assessing specific applications and utilities, including e-mail, groupware, finance and accounting applications, CAD, RaD, production applications, and moreEvaluation of Mechanical Combination Locks Advantages Disadvantages Relatively low cost Changing combinations periodically or when Readily ... is usually simple enough Risk of malfunction (although a manual override is to remember often built into lock) Some locks may be able to lock out any No ... However, assigning this responsibility does not make these cards a 100 percent reliable control.

Title:Standard for Auditing Computer Applications, Second Edition
Author:Martin A. Krist
Publisher:CRC Press - 1998-12-23


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