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Environmental terrorists Mouth Full of Blood and Flashbar fight to save the last forests in the Arizona high country. Illegal immigrants fight to save themselves and their children from those who exploit them and those who hunt them like animals. But this story of violence on the Mexican border is at the same time a love story; mana€™s inhumanity to man lights the fire in which integrity and courage are tested to the limit. Staggerbush, the man with the odd name, is Everyman. After years of dead-end jobs, he gets the break he longed fora€”respect, recognition, a chance to explore his potential and show what he can do with the brakes off. He just has a€˜to go along to get along.a€™ And Juliana, after a horrendous flight from the Death Squads in her homeland, can cross the finish line to safety with her two young daughters. All she has to do is turn her back on another womana€™s need.a€œHave you any idea how many of them goddamn Messicans have slithered in under the wire, Holly. ... Ia#39;ll say this for them Commie bastardsa€”they sure knew how to slow down this sort of crap. ... It could be the greatest sport we ever had in these partsa€”out in the desert, dune buggies, ATVs, four-wheelers, horses, dogs, anbsp;...

Author:Patrick Wilson Gore
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-02-01


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