Spy Subs in Sweden: A Trilogy

Spy Subs in Sweden: A Trilogy

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Move over James Bond; meet Captain Peterson Smith, formerly of the US Navy. Smith is the son of a famous senator. Hea€™s a former US Navy SEAL, an F-14 pilot, and an intelligence specialista€”all without breaking a sweat. He even makes time to have coffee with his mother. Yes, Smith is the perfect soldier and perfect son ... and the only person on earth who can save the world from mass destruction. Follow Captain Smith through three separate vignettes into the brave world of minisubs in Sweden. We first meet the honorable Smith in a€œMinisub 83, a€ as the captain leaves his American home to serve in the Royal Swedish Navy. Therea€™s no time to acclimate, however; he must use specially designed weapons against an evil foe. In a€œMinisub 99, a€ Smith must find a way to destroy wicked Dr. Dimitriova€™s underwater headquarters. If Dimitriov succeeds, he could blow the planet to smithereens! But of course Captain Smith has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Finally, in the rousing, rampant a€œMinisub 2010, a€ the notorious Wizardess has plans for global domination by mining gold from the Martian surface. Can she be stopped? Ita€™s all up to Peterson Smith.Smith passed through customs in a routine manner and turned to pick up his luggage. a€œPeterson, a€ he ... Wea#39;ll wait until we get out to the car and talk a bit. ... The attractive female guide smiled as if to welcome and continued. ... He attached a magnetic device to the safe door, applied a set 185 Spy Subs in Sweden: A Trilogy.

Title:Spy Subs in Sweden: A Trilogy
Author:Parker F. Campbell
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-08-16


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