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This book is a quick and easy read, but the meaning can have major impact on how you do business. Troy Korsgaden gives you the steps to take to increase your book of business quickly. Insurance industry expert Troy Korsgaden's latest book teaches agents how to transition from a qgeneralist agencyq structure to what Korsgaden calls a qspecialist agencyq structure to increase efficiency, retention and revenue. Korsgaden created the system to advance agency growth in all lines of insurance, versus just the traditionally heavy lines such as auto. qIf it seems overwhelming to change the entire organizational structure of your agency, understand that it does not have to be overnight. You are going to grow your agency over time, with each step growing out of the one you took before, and with each new step funded by new revenues generated from the last.q - excerpt from the Forward of Specialization by Troy Korsgadendid, too. Service time decreased, and so did the sense that work was out of control. Best of all, revenue took a leap forward. ... but it was clear from the time I trained my first specialist that Ia#39;d stumbled over a way to build my agency beyond my wildest dreams. ... employees, they try to teach them everything there is to know about the insurance business a€” to make them into junior agent clones. ... At the same time, theya#39;re trying to take care of all the different aspects of customer serviceanbsp;...

Author:Troy Korsgaden, Keana Texeira
Publisher:eBookIt.com - 2013-02-01


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