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The resources include an overview of each story Comprehensive guided reading discussion points Four carefully structured photocopy sheets for each story that integrate grammar, spelling and comprehension strategies Extra activities that link to other key learning areasGlossary Words crane a€” a machine to lift heavy things equipment a€” anything used to do a job harness a€” safety straps hoof a€” a horsea#39;s foot neigh ... the weight stall a€” a horsea#39;s room in a stable trail bike a€” a special motor bike for dirt tracks Photocopy Sheet Answers A Pony Tale c Name Across 3. a small grass. PS I 1 a A Pony Talea#39; b Teacher check c tail, tate, rail, tales, tail 2 10, Jenna, Grandpa 3 (p.

Author:Jean Martin
Publisher:Nelson Thornes - 2001-01


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