Space Storms and Space Weather Hazards

Space Storms and Space Weather Hazards

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Space storms, the manifestation of bad weather in space, have a number of physical effects in the near-Earth environment: acceleration of charged particles in space, intensification of electric currents in space and on the ground, impressive aurora displays, and global magnetic disturbances on the Earth's surface. Space weather has been defined as `conditions on the Sun and in the solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere, and atmosphere that can influence the performance and reliability of space- and ground-based technological systems and can endanger human life'. The 19 chapters of this book, written by some of the foremost experts on the topic, present the most recent developments in space storm physics and related technological issues, such as malfunction of satellites, communication and navigation systems, and electric power distribution grids. Readership: researchers, teachers and graduate students in space physics, astronomy, geomagnetism, space technology, electric power and communication technology, and non-specialist physicists and engineers. As recommended in the United Nations Space a Atmospheric Science Education Curriculum booklet. Please find it amongst classics such as T.J.M. Boyd, J.J. Sanderson, J.K. Hargreaves and M.C. Kelly etc.PERFORMANCE STATISTICS OF THE PREDICTION METHOD The most important issue is how accurate the predictions are when real-time SW data are used as input. ... Figures 4d and 4e show the estimated ta#39; and B2m as functions of time.

Title:Space Storms and Space Weather Hazards
Author:I.A. Daglis
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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