Southern Honor

Southern Honor

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Preface to Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition. Part One: Origins and Definitions. 1. Honor in Literary Perspective. 2. Primal Honor: Valor, Blood, and Bonding. 3. Primal Honor: The Tensions of Patriarchy. 4. Gentility. Part Two: Family and Gender Behavior. 5. Fathers, Mothers, and Progeny. 6. Male Youth and Honor. 7. A Young Man's Career: Cultural and Familial Limits. 8. Strategies of Courtship and Marriage. 9. Women in a Man's World: Role and Self-Image. 10. Law, Property, and Male Dominance. 11. Male Custom in Family Life. 12. Status, Law, and Sexual Misconduct. Part Three: Structures of Rivalry and Social Control. 13. Personal Strategies and Community Life: Hospitality, Gambling, and Combat. 14. Honor, Shame, and Justice in a Slavocracy. 15. Policing Slave Society: Insurrectionary Scares. 16. Charivari and Lynch Law. 17. The Anatomy of a Wife-Killing. List of Abbreviations and Short Titles. Notes. IndexPreface to Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition.

Title:Southern Honor
Author:Bertram Wyatt-Brown
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2007


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