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qqSource: Music of the Avant-garde, 1966-1973q brings its extraordinary, historical explorations and experimentations to a new audience of contemporary music devotees, researchers, composers, students, and educators. This welcome volume reproduces Source's original, provocative issues in an unparalleled repository of articles, scores, graphics, photos, editorials, and reviews, featuring contributions by some of the 20th century's leading experimental and pioneering composers and performers. Larry Austin and Douglas Kahn have provided us with a true gem and an invaluable resource for future study.q --Elainie Lillios, Associate Professor of Composition at Bowling Green State University qqSourceq was an audacious piece of new music entrepreneurship that could only have happened in the 1960s. I well recall discovering it in the stacks at the university library, flipping the pages and learning that you could just jump right off the edge of the known musical world. This was not a journal that provided information or mere perspectives on new music: it showed you the music itself. It brought you into direct contact with the excitement, provocation, beauty, audacity, ingenuity, and insight of the leading experimental musicians of the day. You might be offended, intrigued, inspired, amused, baffled, but the point was that you were right in there, seeing what was going on and deciding for yourself what you wanted to make out of it. How wonderful it is for this liberating historical moment to be reincarnated; who knows what musical adventures this re-publication will inspire.q --James Pritchett, author of qThe Music of John Cageq qThis long awaited reissue of important documents from the late 1960s, including graphic scores, essays, and articles, is an indispensable anthology of cross-disciplinary ideas about music and composition. This is a fascinating treasure trove of musical counterculture, absolutely relevant today.q --Christian Marclay, visual artist and composer qqSourceq was an essential document of its time, a music magazine that made beautiful music--and beautiful art. This was one of the reasons why I was delighted to be able to reissue all the recordings on a three CD set on Pogus. This book now puts all the print issues in one's hand, bringing us as close to having qSourceq again as we are ever likely to get.q --Al Margolis, Pogus Productions ( qThere was a glorious moment at the cusp of the 1970s when all our musical road maps became obsolete overnight. Young composers relied instead on the accounts of voyageurs, many of which were printed in the pages of qSource.q Austin and Kahn's meticulous compendium carries us back to that heady, pre-Web time when anything seemed possible.q --Nicolas Collins, Editor-in-Chief, qLeonardo Music JournalqA light and sound environment using a section of New York City, with electronic music, city noises, and electronic extensions. For tape, radio, television, outdoor city noises. Performance directions with photos and diagrams. Leedy, Douglas (b .

Author:Larry Austin, Douglas Kahn
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 2011-06-08


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