Sons of the Fathers

Sons of the Fathers

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Good fortune brings charismatic handyman Bryce Hendricks to a community in central Ontario. He starts a home renovation business, lands a part-time job as the youth activities coordinator at a local church, and begins building relationships with attractive retailer and divorced mother, Kathleen, and her troubled teenage son. But a rough patch lies ahead. Kathleen is haunted by memories of her former husband's abuse, and her son blames her for breaking up his family. Hendricks eventually manages to win both her love and her son's acceptance. However, Hendricks' luck sours when he becomes the only police suspect in a violent assault on Cynthia Osterman, the church's student minister, whose militantly feminist style and sharp tongue has disturbed the parishioners. Hendricks is perplexed by the gossip circulating about him until he discovers that Roland McQueen, the wealthy and manipulative chair of the church board, is determined to oust him whether he is guilty of a crime or not. As Hendricks struggles to restore his shattered reputation, his friends and even a detractor rally behind him. Will their support enable him to win over an entire community? www.ronaldericdodge.comRonald Dodge. lie included substantial interest with his repayment. Later he incorporated the business to be able to raise future expansion ... As a productivity incentive for his senior managers, Rollie had established a share-acquisition program through which they could take ... and the other was given only five minutesa#39; noticea€”for their loyalty to his father in building and operating a successful business.

Title:Sons of the Fathers
Author:Ronald Dodge
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008


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